Monday, September 24, 2012

The Amazing Underwater Life of Southeast Asia

This fish, which was photographed in Derawan, Indonesia, looks like a zebra but is actually called a Lionfish and belongs to the same family as the Scorpionfish.
A Snake Eel burrows into the sand as it waits for its unsuspecting prey to swim by.
This Common Puffer Fish, spotted in Pulau Redang, Malaysia, is adorable. It looks as if he's smiling at us. :)
Camel shrimp often live in groups in-between rocks.
This bug-eyed dude is the White-eyed Moray Eel. This eel is commonly found in Malaysian waters.
Not too far away from the white-eyed moray eel was the giant moray eel. They are known to be blind and prey on victims using their other senses.
A school of Yellowtails welcome divers at the Terumbu Kili dive site in Pulau Redang, Malaysia.
The colourings of this Spotted Puffer Fish brings to mind the coat and camouflage of leopards and cheetahs.
A huge stingray takes a break at the sandy bed of the seas around Pulau Redang, Malaysia.
A nurse shark catches 40 winks under a rock. Nurse sharks nocturnal and only hunt prey after the sun has set.
A pretty ugly scorpion fish rests on a rock in the waters off Pulau Redang, Malaysia. This fish is called the Scorpionfish because the spikes on it really sting like a scorpion.
This Boxer Shrimp was spotted at the Fantabulous dive site in Pulau Redang, at a depth of around 26 metres.
This little fella is a very dirty Hairy Frogfish. Why dirty? Well, there's a lot of algae stuck to its hairy body.
This cuttlefish really lives up to its name! With its flashy markings and showy designs, it looks like the fashion model of the underwater world. What's it called? The Flamboyant Cuttlefish. How fitti
This gorgeous guy, photographed at Taken at Anilao, Philippines, is a Mimic Octopus. The octopus is one of the smartest marine animals around. This particular species will not only change its colours
The gorgeous red markings on this juvenile Frogfish will eventually fade into yellow, pink, orange, grey or black as he grows to full adulthood. This picture was taken at Anilao, Philippines.
Cuttlefish, like this one photographed at Anilao, Philippines, change colours like a laser light and squirt black ink when they are threatened.
A sting ray resting on the sea bed at Maratua, Indonesia. This fine specimen was roughly 3m long from head to tail.
Is this the most famous fish in the world? Known to most people these days as Nemo, this clownfish was spotted at Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia.
Manta rays are friendly creatures that feed on plankton and small fish. This photo was taken at a 'cleaning station' manta rays go to for regular cleaning by the cleaner wrasse. The cleaner wrasse rem
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